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28 June 2009 @ 08:41 pm
So, TheWeekenders has been ignored for a while. It's something I'd love to see happen again.

The plan for this place was that on Monday and Tuesdays we nominate a movie, on Wednesday and Thursday we vote on the nominated movies. On Friday the winning movie is announced. Saturday and Sunday (The Weekend, you see how this works) is when we all go watch the movie. The next week we can start discussing the movie, finding out what our other members and soon-to-be friends thought of the film.

It means that after the first week of getting this place going again, we will be nominating a movie while discussing the last one. it's a great wee place to call our own.

if anyone would like to help start this place up, then get pimping it to you friends. I'll even give you a bunch of pictures to use All behind this LJ-cutCollapse )
03 May 2008 @ 09:33 pm
ok, so it's been over a year since we did anything in here.

i'm wondering if anyone is with me and wants to try and revive this place.

it would be great to watch a movie at the weekend and talk about it with folks that watched it too.

drop me a comment...i'm probably gonna try again in here - tell your friends about us ;)

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26 February 2007 @ 08:49 pm

Sorry this is a bit late but I've only just got a PC back at home after having my lap top stolen :(. Anyway I wanted the scene where the kitty licks Wolverines hand but I thought this would do. This is from X-Men 2. I love the X-Men movies and hope a 4th one is in the pipeline. I always thought they could make a good TV series out of this but they would probably ruin it. Anyway, enjoy "Pyro blowing stuff up".

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26 February 2007 @ 07:15 am
That's right, it's nominations time again. Please leave a comment with your nominated movie!

As for next weekend, the winning movie is now Pretty In Pink. A movie that I only saw a couple of years ago for the first time, and really enjoyed it. I like Duckie :)

Anyway, this weekend was A Life Less Ordinary. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to track down a copy and couldn't watch it this weekend, although I have seen it years ago. So I'm looking forward to some posts about what you all thought of it.

Until we meet again, this is The Duke signing off.
22 February 2007 @ 09:59 pm
Poll #933152 Time to vote

A movie for March 3rd and 4th.

Pretty in Pink
Taxi Driver

And remember, no voting on your own nominations. Helps to keep it fair ;)
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21 February 2007 @ 12:23 pm

Well, first of all the clip above shows my favorite line in the movie. When the guns get turned around on them and he manages to yell 'FUCK' before his untimely death. I really could not contain my laughter. Overall, this movie was better than I thought it would be. I'm surprised I had never heard of it before, but it definitely got shadowed by all the hype Matrix got around the same time. I do think it had a good story but just doesn't compare to the glitz and high tech special effects of Matrix.

I also really loved the scenes with the puppy, oh the feeling!!!

That being said, I'm glad this movie was introduced to me and my boyfriend and my dad BOTH watched this with me, so that's saying something. Sometimes it's hard to get multiple members of the family to agree on a movie to watch. I do think my brother would have enjoyed it as well (but I think I forgot to ask him to join us, oops).
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19 February 2007 @ 06:24 pm
And once again, we now need to nominate another movie for the weekend of March 3rd & 4th.

Please leave a comment with a movie nomination, thank you.
19 February 2007 @ 06:22 pm

The winning movie for the upcoming weekend (24th and 25th) is A Life Less Ordinary.

This now gives you all the week to track it down for the weekend - hopefully you should manage to find it somewhere.

As for the tie-breaker...I'm kinda upset that Mirrormask didn't win as I really wanted to see it - so I'm going to watch it anyway :P
18 February 2007 @ 10:15 am

I also need to share this as I really like the original...

It's a faked trailer for The Princess Bride Recut - it's more horror than anything this time, hehe.
18 February 2007 @ 09:49 am

Like I said in my post of a few minutes ago, share your fave movies with us today cause we've got the weekend off!

Here is the final chase from one of my fave movies - The Blues Brothers. It still amazes me at the size of the chase :)